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How I can auto edit text?


I have a few thousand records - not big, not small - that span multiple input years.  Over time, little errors have popped up in item names.


Here is an example.


Item Name
Terminal (SADT)


1.  How can I go through all the records and insert a space anytime a world is followed by an acronym, with the key indicator being the "(?

2.  How can I set up ReGex to pull just the acronym and drop the ( ... )?




Hi there!


I attached a mocked up solution to your use case. In summary, I used the data cleansing tool to get rid of all white space so that everything is now formatted like Terminal(SADT) then used a formula tool with the replace expression to add a space in front of every '('. The regex statement is pretty straightforward when) configured for parse: (\u\u\u\u). Basically it's looking for 4 upper case letters. Hope that helps!


It does, but I can have up to 10,000 ore more Item Names.  Not everyone has an acronym.  So, I don't want to get rid of all the white space.   And, the acronyms could be 1-N in length. 


Gotcha. To isolate the acronym then, use the text-to-columns tool and delimit on the "(" creating a new column for those with an acronym.