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How Do I take Data from a website and paste in Excel


Hello Community,


I have a repetitive task of going to a website and pull data every month for different banks(24)( on that link I have to choose different banks & month. How can I pull this data automatically instead of copy/paste. I have tried with the below screen shot but its not working .

thanks for the help!!



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @mointdct 


HTML is not structured enough for the XML tool to parse it succussfully...I would use a combination of regex and formula tools to extract the data you want


You will need to download the site and probably tokenize to rows based on a pattern and then parse all of this using Regex tools. Please let me know if this helps.





Does the problem lie in getting the information from the different banks (i.e., needing to fill in the website form 24 times), or once you have the data into Alteryx?


If the former, perhaps there is an API that you can link into in order to grab the information. I'm not seeing anywhere on this particular page where you can automate the process.


If you can pass the bank and report information back to the page, you could set up a batch macro that downloads the information from each bank, parses it into a usable format, and creates whatever output you need.


Let me know if that's helpful