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How Alteryx workflwo know run command is complete?


Hi All,


I am using run command icon in my workflow. Once some data is output to a excel template, I will use run command to call excel macro and read the result back to the workflow for further processing afterward.
I wonder how Alteryx know when my script will complete or does it know actually? I just afraid it proceed before my macro complete.

Besides, is there any method I can return a message to Alteryx in case my script is having error and Alteryx will stop the workflow.


Thank you.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

My understanding is the run command tool has to complete before processes after take place, so you could use a dynamic input connected to the run command tool in to read your data. HOWEVER, this is not what I would recommend.


If you have a script which is generating a file you should use the 'Read Results' option, this will read the file you place here into Alteryx once the script has run and place the resulting data into the output anchor of the run  command tool.




Yes, now I am using "Read Results" to get the file result again. Nevertheless, I just wonder how Alteryx know the macro is complete.


Besides, in case there is any error in my script, the workflow will be dragged and stopped there. I would like to know how can I stop/ cancel a workflow after running for sometime.