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Hlookup extreme


Hi , I have a very difficult issue when it comes to Hlookup.



I have 2 sheets


Sheet 1 columns are : PO, SHIP_week_number , Proccess 1, Proccess 2, Proccess 3


Sheet 2 colums are : Building, Process  , 1,2,3,4,5,6.....52 (week number). The process col will have only 3 value (process 1, process 2, process 3).


In sheet 1,  each record will have a ship week number. For example "3".

I will use that number to search for columns "3" in sheet 2  . THIS IS YOUR X


I will use col "process 1"  to  search for record in columns "process " in sheet 2 . This is your Y


After you have X&Y, you will locate a cell data in sheet 2.  I will use that cell data to * process 1 in sheet 1 in the selected record



Please help me


In summary, the name of Columns in sheet 2  is the data in sheet 1 for "SHIP_WEEK_NUMBER"

The name of column in sheet 1 for process1,2,3  is the  data in columns "process" in sheet 2


I solved it, just have to transpose and crosstab sheet 2 to match sheet 1 and then do the JOIN


Can you give a little more context, I have a similar issue,


Customer Request Delivery Date and Planned Date, fiscal week for CRDD and fiscal week for PD, need to H-Lookup against a weekly time horizon, how do I do this?


The idea is to have the qty show like this:

                                    Wk 1         Wk2      Wk3    Wk4

Requested Qty              5              6           7

Planned Qty                                  11                    7


Variance                     -5               5          -7         7


I have the data points now how do I do this with the reporting tools?