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Historic Data Check and Manipulate


Hi All,


I am trying to save historic data for those companies that have a missing Senior Member, add that within an excel doc (I have achieved this via append) - I have used a DateandTimeToday() in a column to make sure that each time it appends it puts a Date and Time when the report/workflow is ran. This way I can have historic data saved.


I was to look for a 'company id' to see how many times that Missing Senior Member is missing week on week and output this (also kind of got this using summarise tool and using group by (company number, company, group and start_date and end_date) and sum on a count [using the historic data mentioned above] -- however my main aim is to see IF in a certain week the senior member is present for a particular company I'd like to be able to "reset the counter" so to speak and not have that company present in the historical database anymore..?

Therefore when i output the summarised version of that database the previous instance when that particular company number was shown (within the "DB") due to missing a Senior Member would now not be shown as for the new week's report that Senior Member is present.


Is this at all possible at all via alteryx? Maybe I am over-complicating it? I work with sensitive data therefore cannot share my workflow but I could try and conjure up an example if need be?


Any help would be much appreciated!


Thanks :)


Hi Karlo,


If you still need help with this, I could give it a shot? I think I understand what you're looking for but an example workflow would be great!