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Hey, Machine Learning Guru's Alteryx needs you!

Alteryx Partner

Well known KDnuggets community is asking;

"What software you used for Analytics, Data Mining,

Data Science, Machine Learning projects in the past 12 months?"

I voted for Alteryx, now it's your turn. Here is the link:



Alteryx wants you!Alteryx wants you!





ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Voted. Alteryx, SQL, R, Python


Voted - just in time:

Alteryx, R, Python, SQL

Fingers crossed ;)

Alteryx Partner

Thanks for the Support @Predictive_Girl


Here are the current standings;

Alteryx ranks somewhere 18 in Analytics category where Rapidminer is the first, KNIME is the 3rd.

If you compare with BI tools it ranks 5h after QlikView...


Poll: Current 19.05.2017
What software you used for Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning projects in the past 12 months?
List of SoftwareVotesCategory
RapidMiner 938Analytics
Anaconda 594Analytics
KNIME 547Analytics
scikit-learn 536Analytics
Weka 274Analytics
PyCharm 253Analytics
Dataiku 208Analytics
MATLAB 207Analytics
SAS Base 199Analytics
IBM SPSS Statistics 189Analytics
IBM SPSS Modeler 177Analytics 173Analytics
SAS Enterprise Miner 159Analytics
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning 145Analytics
Other free analytics/data mining tools 134Analytics
MLlib 122Analytics
IBM Watson / Watson Analytics 121Analytics
Alteryx 119Analytics
Orange 113Analytics
Microsoft R Server former Revolution Analytics 99Analytics
IBM DSX 85Analytics
Rattle 73Analytics
Gnu Octave 65Analytics
Other paid analytics/data mining/data science software 65Analytics
JMP 52Analytics
Pentaho 51Analytics
Oracle Adv. Analytics 50Analytics
Amazon Machine Learning 49Analytics
DataRobot 48Analytics
Minitab 42Analytics 40Analytics
Mathematica 40Analytics
Microsoft other ML/Data Science tools 40Analytics
C4.5/C5.0/See5 34Analytics
Stata 33Analytics
SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics 30Analytics
Angoss 29Analytics
BigML 29Analytics
Vowpal Wabbit 25Analytics
XLMiner 19Analytics
Domino Data Labs 18Analytics
Quest 13Analytics
BayesiaLab 11Analytics
Salford SPM/CART/RF/MARS/TreeNet 10Analytics
RapidInsight/Veera 7Analytics
FICO 6Analytics
Ayasdi 5Analytics
Lavastorm 5Analytics
Turi former Dato/GraphLab5Analytics
Alpine Data Labs 4Analytics
Actian 3Analytics
Cazena 3Analytics
Skytree 3Analytics
Birst 2Analytics
Mode Analytics 2Analytics
Kanri 0Analytics
Excel 771BI
Tableau 539BI
Microsoft Power BI 252BI
QlikView 120BI
TIBCO Spotfire 72BI
IBM Cognos 59BI
MicroStrategy 32BI
Sisense 2BI
Microsoft SQL Server 298DB
Teradata 64DB
Ontotext GraphDB 5DB
Tensorflow 559Deep Learning Platforms
Keras 260Deep Learning Platforms
Theano 158Deep Learning Platforms
Other Deep Learning Tools 133Deep Learning Platforms
Caffe 88Deep Learning Platforms
PyTorch 86Deep Learning Platforms
DL4J 61Deep Learning Platforms
Microsoft CNTK 61Deep Learning Platforms
mxnet 49Deep Learning Platforms
Torch 32Deep Learning Platforms
Lasagne 26Deep Learning Platforms
Spark 614Hadoop/Spark
Open Source Hadoop Tools 416Hadoop/Spark
SQL on Hadoop tools 283Hadoop/Spark
Commercial Hadoop Tools 198Hadoop/Spark
Python 1435Languages 
R language 1425Languages 
SQL language 955Languages 
Java 388Languages 
Unix shell/awk/gawk 261Languages 
Scala 205Languages 
Other programming and data languages 188Languages 
C/C++ 172Languages 
Perl 47Languages 
Julia 32Languages 
F# 12Languages 
Lisp 10Languages 
Clojure 8Languages