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Help with totals using the multi-row formula

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Is anyone able to help with creating a multi-row formula expression to create totals in a data set (I'm reluctant to use the Summarize tool as I want to keep the order of records).


Here's an example of what I'm trying to do, I'm trying to create totals for each 'Type'. I don't want to create a new field, just a new row.



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Multi-row wouldn't generate the output format in your example, since you're looking to generate 3 new rows. The best you can achieve with a multi-row would be a new column with a running total for each type. There is also a Running Total tool that can do this, but it is essentially a group and sum action like the summarize tool, so you might as well use summarize.


To preserve your row order, add a recordID first, then sort the records at the end. Something like this produces the format in your example.




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Perfect, thank you so much.