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Help with messy source excel file




I have exported data from an online CRM to excel. The file downloads as a .xls file, but when I try to connect to it in Alteryx I get the below message.


I can connect to other .xls files without issues so I assume there is something else wrong with the file besides the .xls format (I also can't open it using Tableau or Microsoft Power Query).


I have tried opening the file in Excel, then saving it as a .csv. The problem with this is that one of the fields has many (but not all) entries starting with zero and these leading zeros are not retained when I save it as a .csv file


Does anyone have any suggestions? I need the file in a format that Alteryx can connect to with the leading zeros retained


Alteryx_xls file error.JPG

Alteryx Certified Partner

Try saving it as an XLSX.


I worked out that the leading zeros are only dropped when the csv file is opened in Excel. I can open the .csv file in Notepad or Alteryx and the leading zeros are retained