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Help with distance from a place on a map


Hi Community!


I'm wondering if alteryx is able to do the following:


There is a proposed bike trail system being discussed in Atlanta and we are interested in finding out how many of our employees are within easy walking/biking distance.


I know how to calculate a drive time from a point but I don't know how to draw a shape around the trail system and then use an employee home address file to figure out how far the employee is to that shape (assuming you could get on the trail at a number of places, but what those are is a mystery).


How's that for a challenge?!




Hi @hw_choa


I think the spatial tool called buffer will be the one you are after.


This enables you to expand a given Spatial Obj.


You can then use the Spatial match too find the employees that fall within the new Spatial obj


Thanks for the start - I'll read up on that tool.


I'm new to Alteryx and not a coder in real life so I'm not sure how to create a polygon around a proposed bike path (I have some pictures of where it's going on a map, but it doesn't exist yet on a real map.)

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

I've attached a workflow that uses a few different approaches. All of them use the Map Input tool to create the "Trail" and the list of "People".


There are more, but these are probably the most practical.


I hope they give you some ideas to investigate.



Thank You so much, can you describe your solution in some detail I open it but I found error on your (Distance tool).
Thank you 

I didn't found any calculation between 2 Distances.


Would you be able to post your error? It opens fine on my machine.

On the distance tool it gives the following error:

Error: Distance (5): The field "People" is not contained in the record.


That's odd. Have you downloaded it again to check you hadn't made any changes to the workflow?