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Help with a multi-row formula




See attached example. I wrote a formula to find the number of days between orders however I need help modifying it to show a count for customers who've had only one order.  For customers with only one order, I want subtract the last available date in the data set (e.g. 12/30/2017) from the order date of this customer. 

So if I misunderstood you, let me know.  What I read is that for all of your customers with only one order, you would like to find the difference in days between the date when those customers ordered and the date that the most recent order from any of those customers occurred.  If that's the case I would not use a multirow formula, but rather use a summarize tool and append it back to your data and use a normal formula tool.  See below:Capture.PNG





@david_fetters thanks I think that approach would work. Basically accomplish this by modifying the data rather than changing the formula.

I think that's the biggest leap that I had to make when I switched over to Alteryx after an entire lifetime of excel use.  I almost never use the multi-row formula because record order is something I try to be agnostic towards, both because sorts on large datasets are expensive and because I just never quite know if the order I need is the order I'll get when edge cases arise.  Happy to help!