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Help with Street Geocoder.

Alteryx Partner

Hi all,


I'm having an issue with Street Geocoder.


I get "No Geocoder Datasets Available" error. See below.





I tested with approved working solutions as well and I get the same error on my Desktop.


Any ideas?


Best Regards



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



When your company purchased Alteryx, did they also purchase the spatial data?


If they did purchase the data, I would contact  If they didn't purchase the data package, then you can look to either Alteryx or a trusted partner (like myself) to help you.




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Hi Mark,


I actually work for a partner myself as well but I am new to Alteryx. Just wanted to keep my membership personal.


So it's a licensing issue then and that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification :)


Best Regards



Alteryx Partner

I believe my company has purchased this data but I'm getting a similar issue. Do I need to install an add-on or directly make the data connection?


Hi @Austin,


Assuming your company has purchased the data, please reach out to your license owner to see how they distribute the data bundle to their internal users.  They should receive notifications whenever data bundle updates become available.  Data bundles are installed separately from the product installer.


Jerad Rades

Customer Support Engineer



Are you able to help me with this?


Hi @JeffBerger,


Like it was mentioned above, have you installed the data package? Be sure to restart Designer after the installation process is complete.


The geocoder is installed if you open File Explorer to %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx\DataProducts\DataSets\Explorer and you see an .ini file for TomTom. Assuming the .ini file is there, open the file in a text editor and confirm the DataPath resolves in another File Explorer window. The contents of the .ini should look similar to this...


DataPath=[local directory or server name]\2018 Q3 US Data\Explorer\TomTom_US_2018_Q3
DbSetName=TomTom US Q3 2018
DbSetDesc=TomTom US Q3 2018
DbSetBaseNameDesc=TomTom US


I recommend contacting Support if this doesn't resolve the issue:


Jerad Rades

Team Lead, Data Products