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Help! The Run Command Tool is crashing my Designer




This is driving me insane. I am very close to completely automating a tedious, complex process.. but I keep getting the error below anytime that I drag a Run Command tool onto my canvas.  The error occurs on both a local machine as well as when I try using the designer on our server. The prompt is essentially persistent and can not be dismissed.  Clicking either option does nothing, the modal reappears instantly. I have to force quit the Designer when this happens. ANY and ALL suggestions are welcome!


BTW - The configuration of the run command tool has NO EFFECT on the results.  I have tried everything - the error appears anytime I release the focus/handle of the tool (i.e. click on the canvas somewhere else)
Run Command Tool Error.png


Taylor Cox


You may want to have a look at your error logs folder (if it exists) to see if anything is popping up there:


Hi Taylor, you did say any and all suggestions, so even though I doubt I can help I'll share my experience.


I have had this error that did the same thing - would not go away, had to force quit alteryx. Mine came from trying to update a database with the "Update, insert if new" option on the output tool. I had my database primary key set, but the auto increment was not turned on as it should have been. When Alteryx tried to insert the values with the NULL primary key (, it would blow up with this error. Normally I get an error sent back through alteryx whenever it has a problem writing to the database, so I'm not sure why this specific scenario caused it to fail.


Have you tried this with any other .bat files? Maybe the .bat file is erroring / running something behind the scenes that alteryx doesn't know what to do with?


For some reason unbeknownst to myself, restarting our server seems to have fixed the issue (for now).  Perhaps some auto-updates fixed something - so for now, I'd first suggest restarting your machine(s) if/when you see this error.