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Help Removing Files with Duplicate Information Under Different File Name

6 - Meteoroid

Hi, Community:


I am inputting multiple files with same schema into my workflow. I need to find a way to remove duplicate files where the file names are different but data in the file is the same. Is there a way in Alteryx to do this?


So even though the file name appears differently, content of the file is exactly the same between two. I can't put a unique as not all columns/rows are unique - meaning data can be repeated throughout the file.


Any ideas? Thank you so much for your help!




14 - Magnetar

Hi @kkkim,


Do you have sample files or a sample workflow ?

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks for your response. I am afraid I can't share the actual data but basically each file contains numeric data that can repeat itself. But I am having issues as source file itself is sometimes duplicated (so same record for file twice) but with different file names.


Thank you for your help!

14 - Magnetar

So it would have same number of rows, same columns and same content in cells ?

8 - Asteroid

Hello @kkkim 

I understand that you cannot use Union and Unique because of the data itself repeats itself? 
(Solution 2 in the attached workflow).


But what about using a join between the two file inputs and keeping the output from the joined files?
(See Solution 1 below).


If the two files have the same schema and content the result should only be data from one of the input files.

I attached the workflow below as well.