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Help Needed for BingAds Connector Build

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I am building a connector for BingAds in Alteryx. If anyone has built this connector before, could you please outline some sort of guideline for me to follow. Starting with steps needed to be taken during Authentication. Second, steps that need to be taken for data pull. Third, steps that need to be taken to output the data.


Just keep in mind that I am still new to Alteryx but need to build this connector.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @asek 


I'm sure you've seen the BingAds API documentation, which covers these topics from the BingAds-point-of-view.. Here's a link for everyone to see: 


Here's a great getting started guide for APis in Alteryx: 


I've also read that others found the Python SDK the best way to interface with BingAds. So that might be a useful avenue to explore.


Also, if you'd like to skip the whole development process, Grazitti has n BingAds tool available for purchase: