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Help - Automating Manual copy paste

7 - Meteor

Hello Team,


I am trying for possibilities to automate a manual task which involves lot of copy paste data from different excel files.


I have a sheet with headers and all the value for the columns are copied manual and paste in a different excel. I am trying to automate since its all manual and i am facing huge difficulty what to do and where to start. Literally I am stuck and I am doubting if this can even be done in Alteryx.


I am attahced the file and tried to give what i need in a nutshell. 1 sheet is Input and 1 sheet is output. Output sheets values are manually copied from input sheet. I have also mentioned from where the value is copied.


Please suggest me or advise if its worth trying in alteryx to automate or I should go for something else.


Thanks in advance. Let me know if you need more info.

12 - Quasar



I am up for the challenge!  Here's goes...

Workflow attached.

If it works, please comment, like, share and/or accept as solution.  Thx.





12 - Quasar

@atcodedog05 Think you'd like this.  Perhaps if willing, concur or offer suggested improvement(s), if any.

7 - Meteor



Thanks a lot. looks like it worked. I will try to adopt to my problem. This will help for sure. thanks...