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Heatmap - Control the # of bins


I am working with heatmaps and each time I run the heatmap I can get a different number of bins which really messes up with my workflow.


Is there a way to specify the number of bins that the heatmap generates? Sometimes I get 6, sometimes 7... would be great to find a way to specify this!


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The Heat Map tool is a macro that you can right click and open. Inside that macro Tile tool (176) defines the tiles or buckets. The Tile tool is set to the "Smart Tile" default which will dynamically define the buckets each run.


I suggest opening a debug of this macro (with the settings from your workflow) and pasting this debug in the workflow instead of the Heat Map tool. Once this it done, you can adjust the Tile tool to set the buckets as you desire.