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Headers are removed after unique tool

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Hi all,


I am very new to Alteryx and have searched my question but cannot seem to find the answer.

I apologize if this has been asked and answered elsewhere.


I am basically trying to perform a few things then remove duplicate fields grouping by the ID.

However, I see that the first row/headers get removed after that and I;m not sure what I have done wrong?


Below is the image before the headers are removed (select)




then below, you'll see the headers are gone after it runs with unique tool


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I am not sure why you are losing that first row of data - it might be automatically sorting the data and putting the row down further in the dataset.  In that case, prior to the unique tool, add a Dynamic Rename tool to take headers from the first row of data.


This should solve your issue.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

That is unusual @hal_dal, however you could use the dynamic rename tool before your unique tool to convert the first row of data to headers using a rename mode of "take field names from first row of data"?


If this solves your issue please mark the answer as correct, if not let me know!




8 - Asteroid

Thanks to both!

I was able to figure out that it got sorted all the way to the bottom so what you both have told me seemed to fix it!