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Has anyone created profiling reports for print?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Since Alteryx 11 came out, there has been this cool feature to easily do profiling on your data using the Browse tool


But the Browse tool does not allow you to save these data directly.


There is also the Basic Data Profile tool, and although it seems to provide many of the same features as the Browse tool the quick visual representation is not available2019-03-04 13_53_42-Alteryx Designer x64 - SAP MDS analysis partial.yxmd_.png


Now, I have asked to provide the management (aka. people higher up, that does not have Designer) with some kind of report, that shows the profiling of the data.


I cannot see, that this is available right out of the box, but I hardly believe, that I am the only one who got this type of question.


So my question to the community is; has anyone made profiling reports, and what workarounds could be made to establish such a kind of reporting?





Alteryx Partner

I would use Tableau for this sort of thing, but if it had to be done in Alteryx I'd be investigating the Reporting tools.