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Handling huge datasets

5 - Atom

Hi, I have a bunch of macros doing some processing on the data. All these macros are strung together in a workflow. The challenge is, this won't work if I have huge datasets (>50M records maybe). What is the best solution to make sure I'm able to overcome this in Alteryx? Should I consider alternatives, such as coding everything in Python instead?

14 - Magnetar

 Hi @akhanna3,


what's the exact issue with large amounts of records?


I have recently processed 1.7b records in Alteryx and I am currently doing performance tests with the AMP Engine and 170M records. It works just fine. Can your explain you issue in more detail?






Hi @akhanna3 ,


Alteryx copes well with big data sets. Limitation is your hardware though:

How much RAM does your machine have? No expert here, but minimum should be 16 GB.


In case your 50 Mio. records are stored within a database, I recommend to leverage the In-DB tools, which allow you to process the data already within the database:


Please let me know whether this helps you.


Best regards