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Handling big data in alteryx

Is it python tool usage you are trying to say? If you can provide me that it would be great help. Please

so when you say rate limiting function in python, does that mean I can use python tool, could you please provide me workflow with code. It would be great help.


I'm just trying to think if there's any other way for you to query from your computer besides alteryx. For things I do in our mySQL database I have the mySQL Workbench software which can run queries.


I'm just trying to narrow down if it's alteryx or if it's the database connection.


also I know this probably doesn't help, but if you're doing a 1-off analysis I'd say take the 1 hour hit and save it all to file, then work off the file? I know I have to do that a fair amount.

its 7.3 GB data, which file format should I use to save that big data? total approx 4.5M Records

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@vaishalilambe17 wrote:

In my Input tool, I am just doing Select * from <table_name>

The same query if I run in SQL server side it takes only 5 minutes to load records

But in Alteryx it takes more than an hour to do it. I am just curious to know if we can do it faster loading or any other alternative or any other tool should I use in alteryx. If you can provide steps would be great help

Remember that Alteryx reads and processes the data differently to SQL Server.  When you run the query in SQL Server it's pulling back all the records at once.  When you run the same query in Alteryx, it processes 1 record at a time.


You did mention using inDB tools though.  Where are you using those tools ?  Where does the workflow output to ?