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HTML GUI Dropdown not loading fields

Hi All -


I'm new to the HTML GUI SDK and have been messing around trying to get one of my macros to work.  This involves two macros, the first being Google's oAuth macro and then a macro I created.  My goal is to first run the oAuth to get the access token and then have that pass through to my input fields of my other macro.  That part works fine, what I'm hung up on is the dropdowns not populating from my macro input.  In other words, my first 'view' on the gui is the sign in button for google's oauth.  Once those functions are ran, I switch my gui to a number of dropdowns with the intention of having fields selectable from data coming in from tools upstream.


I've checked that the names of the tool in the annotation tab match the dataName in my HTML file.  But still, nothing populates into my dropdown fields.  Any idea what I am missing?


Appreciate the help.



    <!-- 1st view - Online or Offline Mode -->
    <fieldset id="accessMethod" style="display:none">
        <legend>XMSG("Sign in to with your email id")</legend>
                    <button style="width:116px;" type="submit" id="onlineMode" onclick="login();">XMSG("User Login")</button><br /><br />
                    XMSG("This option requires re-entering credentials every 60 minutes or any time a new workflow is opened.")

    <!-- 1a view - Online credentials -->
    <fieldset id="emailContext" style="display:none">
        <b>XMSG("First Name")</b>
        <alteryx-pluginwidget type="DropDown" id="dataItemFn" dataName="dataItemFn"></alteryx-pluginwidget>
        <b>XMSG("Middle Name")</b>
        <alteryx-pluginwidget type="DropDown" id="dataItemMn" dataName="dataItemMn"></alteryx-pluginwidget>
        <b>XMSG("Last Name")</b>
        <alteryx-pluginwidget type="DropDown" id="dataItemLn" dataName="dataItemLn"></alteryx-pluginwidget><br /><br />




You'll need to specify the datatype of your widget to be a "FieldSelector". For example:

<alteryx-pluginwidget type="DropDown" dataType="FieldSelector" id="dataItemLn" dataName="dataItemLn"></alteryx-pluginwidget>


Hope this helps!

thanks for the suggestion.  When I add in the FieldSelector dataType, my log-in UI for google no longer shows up -- it just shows up as blank.  I'm working to figure out what is causing this but it definitely happens when adding dataType.  Once I remove dataType then for some reason it comes back


A number of things could be causing that. I'd suggest following this help article on debugging the CEF if you haven't already.