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HOW: Gallery workflow to send email with excel output attached



I have been working on a workflow that would send to specific requestors their share of an excel report.

As of now how my workflow works:

1. Use table tool and group data by requestor email.

2. Use email tool and and insert the Table output in the body.


This way all requestors get their share, however for some people this means an email with over 700 rows, which is obviously not good.

I don't know how to simply attach the Table output as excel attachments - I cannot use a "path" dependent option as this workflow needs to work in the Gallery.


(In General, I don't understand why the render tool or output tool cannot be directly connected to the email tool)


Thank you,




I am also working on similar WF and I am dealing with almost same issue.


Therefore, I would like to see that render tool or output tool can be directly connected to the email tool in the future.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @PeterHlavacs 


In this situation, I will write out an excel file to a temp location (using engine.tempfilepath in a formula tool to build the file path and name) then you can use this same tempfilepath to read the excel sheet back into the email tool as an attachment.


You may encounter read/write errors where the email tool tries to attach the file before it has finished being written to but a simple block until done can solve this.

Hi @LordNeilLord 


Could you please expand on the engine.tempfilepath option?


I have about 1000+ outputs coming out of this workflow, because there are so many requestors. The number of requestors also changes dynamically.

Would the engine.tempfilepath work with this many outous? And most importantly, would it work in the Gallery?


Thank you,




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @PeterHlavacs 


There is a guide on it here:


Think of the tempfile folder in the same way as you would a normal drive on your computer....but the folder only exists for the time that the workflow is running.


If you need to write 1000 outputs, no problem! They will get deleted as soon as the workflow finishes. You can utilise the temp file space anyway you want.


With Gallery, it's perfect for use with the don't want to be writing files to you Server drive that get stored forever and take up valuable space, tempfiles get round this.


What is the formula used to output an Excel file?  Can you provide a sample workflow?