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Guide to Creating Your Own Connector - Handling Errors

7 - Meteor

Hi Daniel, I'm really sorry, that was stupid of me. 


Here is the workflow and macro. 


Workflow runs macro to loop through folder and add a row to bat file each time. Workflow on completion runs event to fire the bat file. 





8 - Asteroid

It seems that batch files don't work well with Network Shared Drives

Alteryx Partner

Hi mszpot89,


Actually it works with Network Shared Drives as well. The trick is writing up the correct path:


1. Directory tool: define the network drive as: \\networkdrive\folder1\folder2\

2. Formula tool: Command formula: 'Move '+ '"'+[FullPath]+ '"'+ ' ' + + '"'+ 'T:\networkdrive\folder1\folder2\processed\'+ '"'

3. Output tool: \\networkdrive\folder1\folder2\test.bat


So the point is, in the formula tool you need to make sure you refer to the mapped drive's actual name (in my case it is T:\) instead of using the drive shortcut (the \\).


I hope this helps! :)