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GuiXT Run Command tool


I am trying to run a GuiXT command from the Alteryx Run Command Tool but I am unfamiliar with this tool.  The way I normally run this command is the following:

1. Windows key + R

2. Type the following command:

    guixt.exe "Input=OK: process=C:\guixt\scripts\RetReport.txt" press enter


A report is then created and exported to a designated folder.  This works fine from the windows run window.  I am just stuck on how to translate that command to the Alteryx Run Command tool.


Any help or direction would be great.

Alteryx Partner

If the RetReport.txt is being generated by Alteryx, I'd do this:


- in the workflow, add a Block Until Done tool

- in Output 1, write the data to the RetReport.txt file

- in Output2, use something to drop the stream to 1 record (like a Count Records tool), then add the Run Command tool and configure it like this:


2019-03-05 08_01_43-Alteryx Designer x64 - New Workflow2_.png



If those settings are not correct, they are pretty close.  I'm not familiar with guixt so there might be something else you need to do


Thanks for the reply, That is what I tried but it still does not execute the script.  The RetReport.txt is not created by Alteryx, it is a script written in the GuiXT language for executing SAP transactions.  I am trying to get alteryx to run the scripts so that way I can have everything automatically running without any  human interaction aside from pressing the Run Button

Alteryx Partner

OK, so if the Run Command tool outputs data then you have to configure the Write Source section and then Alteryx will read that in after the guixt has finished.  No need for the Block until done, you just have to fire the Run.