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Grouping data


I have a table with a bunch of loan accounts in column A and the data related to those loan accounts in the following columns, one of them being "# of days past due" which include the exact number of days that account is passed due. I want to group the loans together based on a range of days past due (1-30,31-60,61-90,and 90+) and pull the related data into those groups including a count of how many loans fall into that pool, the sum of the past due amount, and the sum of the principle balance for the loans in each days past due group.  


Alteryx Certified Partner

Regarding the first part your question, this came up recently in a thread called Aging Buckets One approach would be to use a Formula like the one described there. Once you have a new Bucket column, you could then use the Transform:Summarize tool: Bucket - Group By, Loan - Count, Amount - Sum. You could then use Transform:Crosstab to put the buckets into columns.


I think this is also a good use case for a manual Tile tool. See attached.




Beautiful. Thank you.