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Grouping between Dates

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So i have some daily data that is great, but i need to compare it to another group of data that is only in weekly format. So i am trying to group the daily data to weekly, but having some issues.


I created a workflow, the input is the daily data and below that i created the weekly dates (every Saturday) and i created a record id for each week, i was thinking i could use the generate row formula to generate all the dates in between and then the record id would be the same for each group. That way i could do a join and sum the data. But i'm running into issues with the generate rows. Any help would be appreciated... or if there is an easier way to look at this.


Thanks! Workflow is attached


Hi @krishnagandhi 


Please check the attached.


I used Generate row to add automatically 7 days, create the start and end o a week, then generate the days in between. Hope it helps. Cheers!




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Another solution 


For the generate rows you need to declare the start of the sequence and the end of it, besides it should be the same type


It hope it helps