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Grouping Data Spatially

Alteryx Certified Partner



I am trying to create a group by spatial position.  


I have data that looks pretty much like the following


I have been able to make a centroid of the points and the made a 10-mile trade area around these.  Then used the Summarize tool to group these trade areas.


From there the trouble starts.


I want to make a group in the data, based on if these trade area overlap. It would be a new column of data.


And then to create a group name for all the trade areas that intersect. The group name isn't as important at the moment, it's more about trying to make the groups.


The data in the image has an intersection.  I have attached an example of the data.


If anyone could lend a hand or a suggestion I would be very appreciative.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @David92 I think your looking for the spatial match and the make group tool to perform this task.


I've created a solution for you which is attached, do you want to take a look and feedback here.




Using a spatial match is one approach that works, but it looks like you are trying to get clusters. Attached is a workflow that will do that for you (you'll need the R toolset installed).  You'll have to adjust the Number of Clusters in the K-Centroids Cluster Analysis tool to get it to group how you're expecting, but this method is very scalable.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks  Ben that worked a dream.  Thanks for the speedy response.






@BenMoss Tried opening your workflow, but was unable to since I have an older version of Alteryx (2018.1).  Is there any way you can send me the 2018.1 version of your solution?