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Group Data Column

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I am wondering if this issue can be done without nesting IFs.

I have a column with numbers (sales) and then I want to have a different column so, if sales are 0 to 49, then have letter D, 50 to 130, letter C, 131 to 500 letter B, and all the rest letter A.

I tried Tile but it put numbers and not the letters I need.

Is there a tool that can do this in a very easy way?


Thank you very much,


Luis Martirena

Alteryx Certified Partner

You could use the tile tool to give the numeric groupings and then either use a switch statement to assign the numbers or use the text input tool to create a mapping table that you can join to the output of the tile tool and map the integer results to the Letter you want to assign.


Hope that helps!

Alteryx Certified Partner

However, the nested if statement really wouldn't be all that bad.


IF [Sales] >= 0 & [Sales] < 50 then "D"

ELSEIF [Sales] < 130 then "C"

ELSEIF [Sales] < 500 then "B"



6 - Meteoroid

Thank you very much nick, this will work perfectly. As I am new here I was wondering if there was a tool out there that I was missing to do this kind of things.