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Group By and Sort with NULL Values Last


Is there an easy way to do a group by and sort so that the NULL values go to the end of each group rather than the beginning?  Example via SQL:


select col
from table
group by col
order by col NULLS LAST

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Quick thought (might work):


Create a field:  IsNull as:


Sort by:  IsNull (Ascending), Col (Ascending)


Use a SELECT to get rid of the IsNull Column.




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I forgot to mention that I'm trying to do this across a large number of columns.  There are nulls present in several of them.  


I hacked together something similar to your idea @MarqueeCrew. I used the multi-field formula tool and and replaced all NULL value across all of those columns with a fixed value that would sort last (depending on whether it was alpha or numeric).  I then did a group by / sort. After that, I used the multi-field formula again to replace the fixed value with NULL again. I don't like doing this like this and changing my input data, but the idea you suggested would require a number of helper columns.