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Grid layer spatial process problem


I am trying to create a non-overlapping grid-based polygons to pass along to other users in the organization to match consumer points, etc. 


My grid size changes depending on population density, but there are some areas where a 10 mile grid will overlap with a 1 mile grid. I would essentially like to cut the 1 mile grid from the 10 mile grid to have unique 10 mile grids with no overlap, but it doesn't seem to be working. The spatial process object just looks like the entirety of the larger grid. 


Flow attached below. 


Any ideas? 




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @kprescott 


It looks like you are misinterpreting how the spatial process tool works.


It cuts one object from another from the objects on the same line.


In your case, as you have unioned the data, you have 1 column for your 10m grid, and the 2nd column for your 1m grid is empty, therefor you are cutting nothing.


I appreciate their is no example for the spatial process tool, so I have attached an example of how it works for you.




Thank you -- I was still having issues with them on the same line.  I ended up having to combine (summarize tool: spatial: combine) the smaller 1 mile grid as it didn't work to have multiple cutouts on the larger 10 mile grid. By combining the smaller grids size into one large polygon and putting them on the same line, it cleanly cut it away from the 10 mile grid. 


Appreciate the direction!