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Grid Dynamic Update


Hi, I am trying to automate the workflow, where I can update the Grid Tool with respect to the data I have in the excel sheet under the column Input for Grid. So that when I select any particular category the respective "Input to Grid" data for that type gets updated in the grid tool. Is there a way I can update the grid tool without manually inputting.

Thank you in advance, Really appreciate your input


I think you might be looking to make this into an "app," where you can select a category from a drop-down list and then have the different results show up as your final output for that category?


See attached modified workflow... if you connect the Drop Down tool to your Excel sheet that contains the Categories & Input to Grid values (you'll need to modify it so that those are the only two columns in the spreadsheet tab you reference as your external file, listed as Name & Value columns), then when you run the app it will show a category to select (Furniture Store, for example) in the prompt window, and then the associated value that will get passed into the Grid tool will be the 0.71 value from the Excel sheet (to replace the 1 value set up as your initial default).


Does that sound like what you are trying to achieve?





Hey, Nj its something similar i am trying to achieve. Thank you this does give me few more new ideas and this helps for now.

appreciate your time. this was great.