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Greater Than in Formula Tool



I am trying to create a function in the formula tool that says: If Feild 1 is greater than 10 000, then leave as is, else make blank. My snytax looks like this: if [Book_Attr.GL Company] >= 10000 then [Book_Attr.GL Company] else "" endif . 

I am receiving the error: Invalid type in operator >= . Is there something wrong with my snytax or another way to write a greater than function?


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @grsomer 


Check [Book_Attr.GL Company] is coming through as a number and not a string


If that fails, "" is a string so Null() would be better


Null() worked much better, thanks so much!!


Hi @grsomer 


The type mismatch error is probably caused by [Book_Attr.GL Company] being a string and your formula comparing it to a number.  change your formula to this 


if ToNumber([Book_Attr.GL Company]) >= 10000 then [Book_Attr.GL Company] else "" endif . 



If you change the 10000 to a string like this


if [Book_Attr.GL Company] >= "10000" then [Book_Attr.GL Company] else "" endif . 


Your error will disappear but you'll get cases where "2000" is greater than "10000" because the >= is using an alphabetical comparison