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Grant selection right in the middle of workflow

I have something I want to achieve with Alteryx.

Is it possible to create the following workflow?


I have a database of addresses and buildings, I'd like to list building candidates with ambiguous address information and give the user the option of selecting the building and proceed with the process.
(Enter and execute address from Analytic App → Output some buildings as candidates → Select buildings desired by the user with checkboxes and let the process continue)
Can we make such a work flow?


· If impossible, can I create a workflow close to my desire?


I'm sorry if I already have the same question.


Best Regards




In order to complete this you will need to chain some applications together.  I have included packaged up an example app using Alteryx v11.  


Firstly you will need to produce an app that will enable a user to enter some address information.   This will need to end up with producing a separate file with the list of buildings that meet the criteria as a .yxdb.  This can then be read and used as a list box within Alteryx.  It is important that you have columns named 'NAME' & 'VALUE' in order for this to work.  In the Interface Designer you will need to select the 2nd app to run on success.






 The 2nd app will need to have a list box tool.  Within this tool an external data source can be selected.  This should be linked to the output from the first app.  



List Box.png








 Please see the packaged app below.  I have applied very basic criteria for searching addresses so I advice searching for 'London City' when running the app.











Dear NickC



Firstly, I apologise for the delay in replying to you.


I could create the desired workflow with the contents taught.

Thank you for giving me good advice.