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Grand totals/averages

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I'm working on something that results in a table (then rendered into a PDF for emailing).  


My rows currently are employees.


My columns, after employees, include things like number of lines, number of hours, etc., all set to doubles.  The last column is "% to Goal", calculated by 2 other columns.


My road block is that I need a final row, which is a sum of most of the columns.  Obviously, employee names wouldn't be summed (though they could be counted.. that would be nice).  Things like lines, number of hours, etc., need to be totaled.  "Picking goal" and "lines per hour" need to be averaged, and "% to Goal" would still be calculated from the 2 other fields (lines per hour and picking goal).


I have tried to do some cross tabs and transposing, but I'm new to those tools and haven't been able to get it quite right.  Any help is appreciated!  






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16 - Nebula

Insert this as a macro on your workflow 🙂 (Dunno why I can't upload macros)

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17 - Castor

Hi @MCDR929 


Do your columns ever change?  Do you ever have the case where in one run you have 7 columns and on the next you might have 6 or 8?  If not you can use one Summary tool to calculate all the averages and sums.  Calculate the "% to Goal" on new last row.  Add a first column called "Employees" and add the text "Total".  Union this new row with the original rows setting the output order to ensure that it shows up last.


If your columns do change, we'll need some sample data to build a flexible workflow



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Thanks Dan!  My columns don't change, so this worked perfectly.