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Grand Prix Qualifying Round workflows


Hey all,


A team member recently competed in the qualifying round of the Grand Prix and forwarded the rest of us the questions once she had finished.  I am new to Alteryx, and so am using this as an opportunity to learn how to tackle different challenges.  I've worked on the questions and have solved 3 of the 5 questions, but was wondering if there are solutions somewhere to these problems.  I understand that you can make different workflows that can solve the same problem, but was hoping to compare my workflows to that of a more experienced Alteryx user.  Are solutions available anywhere for these qualifying round questions?








We do not post or share solutions to the Grand Prix exercises as they are sometimes repurposed for other things (for instance, this year User Groups used last year's exercises to run for-fun, internal competitions throughout the year). I'm happy to hear you are starting your Alteryx journey. Check out the weekly challenges that we do post solutions for as an alternative! 

Cailin Swingle
Sr. Manager, Customer Support