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Graduated circles spatial - matching legend?

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I evaluate a lot of markets' sizes based on the populations that exist within a zip code. This is fine when aggregating things for a trade zone, but when I need to visually see where the pops are coming from, sometimes the geography can be misleading. Using a thematic map with smart tile or equal ranges, its going to show a place like downtown Tampa as being pretty light on population because the pop within a small geography is not very significant. I can create a ratio, but that sometimes is difficult in illustrating the absolute values and counts of people in a particular area. 


Okay, on to my issue. I tried to manually create a "graduated circle" heat map by filtering a zip code (turned into a centroid via spatial info tool) and then manually changing the size of each point. The output looks pretty good -- its helpful for ME to know where I need to focus my attention. However, if I'm going to include this in a presentation, it would be nice if the legend matched. The point size is supposed to increase as the pop increases, but the legend just has the same point size for each range. 


Any ideas? 



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi Kelsey,


I wonder if using the Legend Splitter tool, you could set up some logic to alter the 'ImageStyle' field?  Looking at an example, the ImageStyle field has a portion for the pixel size of the legend image that says "width: 14px;" or something similar.  Adding in a Join, or Formula or Find and Replace tool to insert your own preferred image sizes in place of the default might help.