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Google Sheets Output writing a blank sheet


Hi Probley - thank you for your follow-up!  Contrary to what I posted yesterday, it isn't the number of columns, but what was in the headers of those last columns that were causing my issue. Apologies for the mislead. 


I did some further research and have found the following:


1.  The field names for those last columns contained the word "Total" followed by lengthy text that included parentheses and ampersands.  


2.  Once I changed my field names to something simpler and removed special characters, the issue disappeared.


I do need to do some additional testing today (is it the word "Total" or the length of the text or the special characters) but my issue disappeared when I simplified my field names. 


Interested to hear any similar experiences from the Community.




@Sbinkley - Ampersands was the problem for me and it works just fine now. Thank you!


Hello - my additional tests have verified that ampersands in any of the Google output titles result in a blank record begin output. 




Yes, I found the same. Removing one ampersand in a single column title resolved the blank sheet issue immediately. Limiting number of columns, or long column titles did not seem to have an effect. 


Yes, limiting columns was not the issue.  I've been able to output as many columns as needed after removing the ampersands that caused the problem. 


I too was having the same issue and it was perplexing. My problem was being caused by a field in the header row that included a less than "<" character. By removing that character and replacing with "LT" all of my data was flowing through. It just appears that certain characters as part of the subject line is part of the issue.