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Google Sheets Input Configuration - Spreadsheet Not Found

I built a report using the Google Sheets input tool, but with the required re-login each time your open Alteryx I have to reconnect.

This morning when I went to re-login and reconnect the Google sheet that 12 of my inputs are pulling from is not shown as an option to choose. 


I did move it to a team drive this morning, but the other spreadsheet that I also moved to the team drive IS shown there.


Does anyone have any information on why a Google Sheet you have access to is not an option to choose in Alteryx or what requirements you need to choose a google sheet?

Why would I be able to choose one and not the other?


Try clicking the share button on the top right of the google sheet and seeing if the email that you are authenticating with is listed. If not, try adding it. It could be that the permissions are set so that someone with the link can access it, but I think that the sheet needs to have the specific email address entered in the share window. 


Pretty old thread here, but I'll reply just in case others come here with the same issue. When I encountered this it was because the sheet I was looking for had not been modified recently. I opened the sheet, made a minor change (like adding a new tab) and then the sheet appeared in Alteryx.