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Google Places API

8 - Asteroid

I'm really stumped.  I'm trying to use the google places API, but I'm not able to connect through an Alteryx workflow.  


In trying to diagnose the issue, I used the sample query Google provided on their dev portal.
--I used my key in place of YOUR_API_KEY

I still couldn't get the proper results in Alteryx -- I get a 200 Connection header but the results say invalid_request. (left picture)

When I copied the full URL (incl my key) from my workflow into Chrome, it returned results (right picture)


Any ideas?


Alteryx DownloadData ResultsAlteryx DownloadData ResultsChrome ResultsChrome Results


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Have you checked and unchecked the 'Encode URL' option?


(from experience, this seems to be a good place to start with API debugging).

8 - Asteroid

Ben, I was just headed back to post this.


Yep, I unchecked the Encode URL and it worked...thanks for the speedy reply!