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Google Distance api trouble shoot




Could someone help figure out whats wrong with my distance api call formula? I tested this in browser it worked perfectly fine. But when I created a simple workflow it keeps giving me this error "Error: Download (3): Error transferring data: Failure when receiving data from the peer"




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @BosKev 


The URL being used in the Download tool seems to include the placeholder text "enterkey". See below. If you fix this I believe it should work.


Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 15.22.45.png


If you simply run the URL you're using the browser through a Download tool you'll see that it works fine (HTTP 200), so there's not a difference in how this is handled by Alteryx or Chrome:


Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 15.24.06.png



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @BosKev You had a space in your formula tool I have amended your workflow this should work.Google_Drivetime.JPG


Hi @JosephSerpis@jamielaird 


Thanks for the quick reply. I wish it was this simple...I tried this multiple times still having problems.


I think there's something in the setting of Alteryx? Or our corp network is blocking the request? I tried your new workflow with space removed it still giving me the error? Also, I did what Jamie suggested just connect straight to the download tool still connection error. But if I just paste the address in my google chrome browser I can see Json values returned. see screenshot below:








Can reference this knowledge base post, not to the Google API but to another which resulted in the same error.  Seems to be an issue of the API location needing to be whitelisted or ensuring that Designer is set to use a proxy that you have in place.


@NickSm , Thanks.


I'll follow up with the right department.