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Google Analytics - Move Dimensions right and left




I have connected to Google analytics using Google Analytics connector. I have configured the connector and the data is coming up. But, I have two dimensions, one is 'Landing Page' and the other one is 'Date'. When I am pulling the data from GA, Landing page is coming as the first column and then the date is coming. By this, landing page is retrieving the values as (not set).If, the columns are swapped, the data issue will be solved. Meaning, Date should be as the first column and landing page should be second. I tried using select component after the connector but the data is still showing as (not set) for Landing Page.


Please help me on this. 



Amit Belagali


Hi @AmitBelagali


I'm afraid I'm not able to replicate your error with either Landing Page or Date as a Dimension first.  However, this is probably as the error (not set) usually means that Google Analytics didn’t receive any information for the item (dimension) you selected. It’s generally associated with any direct/referral visit, since it does not have campaign information such as keyword, match type, etc. associated with the visit.




If you require guidelines on How to use the GA Connector from an Alteryx perspective please kindly have a look at the following post:


Otherwise I will recommend a Google Search for recommendations on how to fix your error.  For example:

Christian Rincon
Manager, Customer Support
Alteryx, Inc.