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Google Analytics 360 integration?

7 - Meteor



Have any of you used Alteryx with Google Analytics 360? the paid variant of GA which allows to track users on an individual level,
I am researching how to leverage the added power of 360 in Alteryx, however i can't seem to find the [Client ID] / [User ID] dimensions,


Would GA 360 need changes to the  GA Macro, like adding in the User ID dimensions manually somewhere,

I'm basically wondering how to get to the special stuff ( I have never Used GA360 before myself, so i'm still looking around myself)



Hi @JefBus


At this time, we do not support Google Analytics 360. If this is something you would like to see in Alteryx, please feel free to post to the Alteryx Product Ideas page.


Another option is to build your own connector to handle Google Analytics 360. There is a great Creating your Own Connector Series on Community that you might find helpful in this process. You could use the Google Analytics Connector Tool as a template, I would just make sure to save any modifications you make in a different place than your original Google Analytics Connector Tool, as we will not be able to support the tool if you make modifications. 


Thank you!


SydneyF - Customer Support Engineer