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Give option for the user to select field tag(required,Optional) in analytic app

7 - Meteor

Hi community,


I have a below requirement to create an analytic app.


1) File browse: to browse for the input file

2) Tag fileds: once file is browsed, user should get the option to tag the fields

                 Ex: Field1, Field2, Field3

                 Here Field1,Field3 are Optional to select by user and Field2 is the required field to be selected

Actual logic in the workflow

Create a formula based on the above field tagging:

If user selects Field1,Field3 then I have concatenate Field1 and Field2(to get unique ID) elseif Field2,Fiel3 then concatenate Field2 and Field3---this unique id is used in Join condition.


and one more user interface to perform the summarization using the unique id above based on the user selection to tag the other fields like Field5,Field6,Field7 i.e. if user selects Field1,Field2 for the unique id, I need to join two files using this unique ID and for the joined records, group by that unique id and get Summarized values of(sum,max..) field5 and/or field6 and/or  field7(this slection of fields has to be passed from the user tagging in the app)

Appreciate the help.





12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hey @RAMN,


There are probably a few different ways to do this. If I understand the question correctly then you would want to leverage the Error messages to ensure they have some sort of value in the Required fields, but the optional fields would not have an error message associated to it. I think if you are wanting the user to specify the Required fields you may need to use a text box to have them state (maybe separated by some delimiter) what fields are going to be required and which ones will be optional. I don't have an example I can share for this exact purpose but put together a sample in the attached workflow.