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Getting SPecified Range is not large enough for incoming data field output error


I am writing the output to excel files using the parallel block until done (Crew Macros) as i have mutliple data elements to be written on different sheets.


on the last 2 outputs i am getting this error : SPecified range is not large enough for incoming data fields. never seen that error before and not sure why its coming. the data where i am getting this error has like 43 rows and 10 columns .


Any suggestions will be helpful




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Are you specifying in the output the range (e.g. A1:H10) for output?  A picture of the output configuration (all options displayed) would be helpful.  If in your user settings, you have the XML displayed, that would be helpful too for the output tool.




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a similar way worked for. i updated the sheet names and it was able to output properly. still not sure why the original sheet names were not working (they were new sheets).


Thank you all for your inputs,


Did you have a sheet name that was the same as a named range name by any chance? I was getting the same error and it looks like that's what caused it. I wanted to write to the sheet but it was probably trying to write the output to the named range instead. Changing the sheet name fixed it, obviously.