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Getting Rid of Duplicates after using join tool

Hi everyone,


I joined two files together, a csv file and an xlsx file. I used serial number as the specific field to join by. In both files, there are "NA" for a select few serial numbers. I do want them on my J stream but for some reason, they are being duplicated multiple times when this is not the case on the excel files. Is there a way for me to get rid of the duplicates? I was thinking of using the filter tool but I am not sure how to get rid of those specific duplicates (NA). Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards,
Chirag Gandhi

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @Chirag_Gandhi07


Can you provide an example of your problem?

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus


Hi @Chirag_Gandhi07,

It sounds like you have a Cartesian join across all instances of NA in both files: If you have 3 NA fields in one file and 3 in the other, and that's the only field you're joining against, then the system has no way of knowing which NA on one side goes with which NA on the other side, thus all your extra rows (it matches every NA on one side with every NA on the other). You'll need to find a way to establish each row uniquely; once you do that, the fix is to use that new field (or group of fields) in the Join tool.

 Hope that helps!



So they have the same contract number but I just want one record as is on both files. I'm not sure why it's duplicating multiple times

Hi @JohnJPS

That makes sense. Maybe I could use another column that is in both excel files to join by a specific field as well as serial number and that will help alteryx distinguish each row.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @Chirag_Gandhi07


Adding more join criteria is always advised (if you can) this will avoid duplicates being created