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Getting Null values from Multi Row Formula tool

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Hi All,

I am getting null values when I use the Multi Row formula tool.

Essentially, I want to a cumulative of the second column and the previous row of the 3rd column; Grouped by Trip Number. I am getting null values i.e. no output. Seems pretty simple but I am stuck.

Can anybody please help?




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Hi Harshad, 


Solution is attached.


When adding a null value to an integer, the result will become null. To avoid this, I have set all null values to equal 0 prior to generating the cumulative columns. The resulting formula is:


IIF(isnull([LEG_TM_SCHED]), 0,[LEG_TM_SCHED])  
IIF(isnull([Row-1:CML_LEG_TM_SCHED]), 0, [Row-1:CML_LEG_TM_SCHED])


Hope this helps!


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Hi Leigh,


This works!

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Hi Harshad


If you change the NULLS to zero your workflow produces the answer you appear to be looking for.