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Gets Message "There Were No Output Files" in the App Results




I am relatively new to Alteryx. I tried to create a simple Analytic App with a File Browse Tool-->Action Tool-->Input Data Tool-->Browse Tool. But every time when I click "Finish" after selecting a Excel File and worksheet it will out a message "There Were No Output Files" in the App Results window.


File Browse Tool -- I selected the "Standard Database File Formats" option

Action Tool -- I selected the "Update Input Data Tool (Default)" option


I am not sure what I did wrong. I tried looking at it and searching through the forum with no avail.


Thank you in advance.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Alteryx Apps are designed to present users with a very specific output, they aren't a development tool; thus when you are developing an Alteryx application you must have some sort of output (and a browse does not count as an output).


You would need to use an 'output data' tool to write your datastream to a file; when you have done this and you run your app, this file will then be presented for the user to open.




Thank you Ben. This helps.


Try this: Go to

Menu View > Interface Designer Ctrl + Alt + I 

On Success - Show Results to User > Open files From These Tools > ☑ (Click checkbox)


Thanks it worked fine.

I think there is an example app in the Academy (Using Analytic Applications) where a work flow was converted to an App. This workflow has a Browse Tool on the output.  




The results are displayed to the user as shown below:


How can I make an App to display result in a window as demonstrated in Interactive Lessons?