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Get the date if a cell value change

Hi Alteryx Community: 

Working on a Issue History Log: I've created the workflow to generate a new column everyday with the point in time status of each issue. 

Column C, Column D, Column E...etc is each daily update that Alteryx created. 

I want to create another column (Column B) that if an issue changes status from day to day, and the new column would be today's date. The problem I encountered is column C, Column D and Column E all have different headers ( the day when daily update was run) and i wonder what's the best way to achieve what i wanted. 





@coastocoast can you post an example of your desired output? the end result is going to be using a combination of the transpose and multi-row formula tools, but knowing what you're looking for would help.

Thanks for your suggestion I will update the original post and attach an excel. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Cell Value Change v2.PNG