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Get rid of message showing up every time I start Alteryx


This pops up every time I open Alteryx:




Is there any way to get rid of it? I've already done the tour and have no need to see it again.


Running Alteryx 2018.3 (non-admin version)


Hi James


In your user settings, Options->User Settings->Edit User Settings, there's a check box for Show Learning Guide at startup.  Uncheck this box






Hi @danilang,


Thanks for the reply. Strangely that box is already unticked, yet the problem persists.


This might be tied to my other post about the tool palette not remembering its saved configuration when restarting Alteryx (


Do you have multiple copies of Designer Installed?  Perhaps one Admin and one non-admin.  That way, double-clicking on a workflow may launch one copy, but you regularly open the other from the start menu.




As far as I can tell there is just the non-admin version installed:Untitled.png



I get the same results when opening Alteryx via the start menu / task bar, or by opening a workflow from Windows Explorer.


Do you ever start Alteryx with different credentials?  The user settings are stored here 




so if you run with different users, you'll get different settings.  




Hi Dan,


Really appreciate your help!


I'm the only user who has ever used Alteryx on this machine so there shouldn't be any issues there. Checking the User Settings file has the following line:


<DefaultTempFilePath NoInherit="True">C:\Users\[my username]\AppData\Local\Temp\</DefaultTempFilePath>

Should there be a line in the User Settings XML file to reference the learning guide? I can't see anything - yet the other settings seem to show up:


<RunAtLowerPriority value="False" NoInherit="True" />
<EnableDataProfiling value="True" NoInherit="True" />
<PopupFinishDialog value="True" NoInherit="True" />
<SendUsageStats value="True" NoInherit="True" />
<DisableAutoConfig value="False" NoInherit="True" />

It looks like the Guided Tour popup that you're seeing and the Learning Guide controlled by the settings are 2 different things.  The Learning Guide is a workflow that opens in Designer that helps with making your first workflow.


I've only ever seen the Guided Tour popup once or twice, and I don't know how to control it.  


Maybe one of the moderators like @TrevorS can chime in with a solution.




Hello James! 

Could you please let me know a little more about your setup? Are you running Alteryx on a Virtual Machine? Or is this on a standard desktop?

Additionally, what happens when you open a saved workflow to open Designer, do you still get the same popup?


Hi @TrevorS,


Thanks for the reply. I'm running Alteryx Non-Admin Designer 2018.3.5.52487 on a standard desktop on Windows 7 Enterprise. 


I get the same popup regardless of how I open Alteryx - from a saved workflow or from the start menu/taskbar.