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Get data to CSV from multiple tables from Server one by one

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Hi All,


Scenario - Everyday a new SQL table is created on  Google Big Query, with the same name but with the latest date stamp. Ex APP_DATA_200180415, APP_DATA_200180416, APP_DATA_200180417 etc. I need to fetch data from the recently created table on a daily basis. I can get the data from individual table by using an input tool. But here i want to automate the process so that the i get the data from the recently create table on a daily basis.

Can someone please suggest what is the best way to implement this process.


My Thoughts

I thought of creating a batch macro to pass the latest table name along with TimeStamp everyday but this is not working. Not sure if can dynamically pass the table name to an input tool in macro and get the table data. 


Also, Is there a way where i can get data from all the tables from server using the input tool. 


Thanks in Advance,


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Hey @Arvi_Singh


You need to have a look a look at the Dynamic Input Tool


You can use this tool to modify the SQL statement and pull the daily tables that you require


For you second point, I think Dynamic Input would suit your needs as well



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Thanks a ton @LordNeilLord ! This helped.